I am a fully devoted follower of Christ! I was born and raised in Mobile Alabama. My parents were very hard working and always taught me to have a strong work ethic. My dad was self-employed as far back as I can remember. It really was a family affair. He owned a printing company and would bring home “work” that the entire family would spend the night helping him put together. Early on, I would work answering the phone, or cleaning up with him during the summer.

I think I did it for free because it made me feel empowered to be WORKING!!! I graduated high school but had no desire for college. I just wanted to have a good job and be a wife and mom. I started a career in banking that to this day, taught me about money, how to handle it. how to deal with people (both the good and the bad) and last but not least, how to multi-task. This was before ATM’s and all the automation. We would have lines around the bank before a holiday or weekend. I absolutely loved it!!!


My husband was my high-school sweetheart. I married him at the age of 23, first goal accomplished WIFE!! My amazing husband completed his college education as a Chemical Engineer.  Now on to the second, mom.  This proved to be a far more difficult goal to accomplish. Like so many others, we found ourselves in that vacuum of infertility. After many years of treatments, 12 years to be exact, we finally adopted the first of our two boys.

Four years later, we adopted our second. These boys……. I love beyond measure. My husband’s job provided us with the ability for me to work part-time and be home with my boys most of the time. I got to attend plays, field trips, baseball games, football games. Life was good. Time, you can never get back…. I am forever grateful.


After my children graduated high-school, I began to want something that was MINE. I had always been Darrell’s wife, or my children’s mom. I needed to be DEBBIE MASON. I started a Home Staging Business that I loved. It was very hard work and required a lot of time and money upfront. The reward of seeing a home finished and looking just like the client expected was exhilarating. The problem is you can’t move houses full of furniture by yourself. It’s very taxing on you and your body. That’s when someone introduced me to a new Network Marketing company. A business I had previously had much skepticism about. For the first time, I was able  to create my own schedule, working on my time and around the important family time that running a full time business can devour. Today I have a thriving global organization of men and women creating that same time and financial freedom. ON THEIR TERMS!  


I was told when I started my NWM BUSINESS to spend some time every day in personal development. I absolutely hated the thought of sitting down for ANY period of time and have to read. I’m a bit on the hyper side and I just drift off when I have to do that. In early 2016 I discovered PERISCOPE. and then Bob Heilig. Who I’m sure if you’re in NWM you’ve heard of him. I learned I could LISTEN to my personal development. WOW….. CHANGED MY LIFE!! Today Personal Development has opened doors I would never have traveled through. I was struggling with direction and duplication, Foundations of a successful network marketing business. I began to look for mentor’s who would hold me accountable while giving me that direction.

I attended Leadership Training’s and Seminars, learning from the best of the best (including Eric Worre, Bob Heilig, Sarah Robbins, Ray Higdon, John and Nadya Melton, and Brendon Bruchard). I listened to podcasts, You Tube Videos, Audio books. Above all, I practiced. I gained the experience necessary to excel in my business and be a mentor to others struggling too.


What I love most is seeing lives changed . The moms who get to walk away from the stressful full time job and now are living their passion. The fear people deal with when they aren’t confident and giving them the tools to overcome that fear. How Resistance will paralyze you. How our MINDSET affects us and our business.  Your business could have everything perfect, but without the right mindset, you could be spinning your wheels.  I love helping people find their voice, to BE BRAVE and step out of that comfort zone to live life FEARLESSLY.