Show me your friends and I ‘ll show you your future

Today, guys, I want to talk with you about the people in your life, and most importantly, the people that you spend most of your time with, and why is it important. The famous Jim Rohn, the network marketer, once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” and you know what, for entrepreneurs, we tend to underestimate how important those people in our lives are, but they’re important. We need people. We need people that challenge us, that make us better, that help us improve, help us raise the bar, and so often, we just underestimate that.

Here’s a good exercise for you I want you to think about. If you will write down the five people that you spend the most time with and assign them a numerical number one to 10, and 10 being the most positive. Rate those five people, and then see where your average is. Are you running with people that help you, pull you up or bring you down?

I tend to have a negative bend. I just do. I must be honest. I cannot be around negative people, because what happens is, and it’s probably true for you, too, whatever your weakness is, if you’re around people that are like that, it makes your weakness even worse. If I’m around negative people, I just get more negative. I know that about myself. I must deliberately make myself associate with people that are positive.

I just got back from a weekend in Philadelphia with 200 entrepreneurs who were likeminded people, and you know, guys, what happened with me sitting there with these people that were upbeat, and we were all on the same page, and were ready to go, I left upbeat and ready to go myself and with a brand-new vision. Who you run around with makes a big difference. Here are few things you can begin to do today to make a difference for you

1. Be open to change, because let’s be honest, as your situations change, your five people might change. When you were in college, you ran around with a bunch of people. The five people that you hung out with most in college are probably not the five people that you hang out with most today because probably your situation has changed. It doesn’t mean that they’re not friends. It doesn’t mean they’re not great acquaintances. It just means that your situation has changed and the people you run around with have changed. Be open to that. It’s completely fine.

2. If there are people that you know can help you improve, try to figure out ways that you can be around them. That’s exactly what I did over the weekend. I purposely and intently put myself in situations where I’m with like-minded people that pull me up instead of bringing me down.

If you know that’s the case for you, try to put yourself in the presence of these people, even if it’s just podcast, even if just listening to people. Even if you can’t be with them, you can always be around them in whatever way you can find.

3. Be willing to put yourself under the microscope. A lot of times, we can see that prick in someone else’s eye and not the pole in our own. Have you ever heard that? Sometimes we need to look at ourselves. Who are you helping to inspire? Who do you help to pull up, or   are you being a negative influence on somebody?

Our pastor, Craig Groeschel always says, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” It’s just something to think about. Is there someone maybe that you need to help up, and if you’re one of the ones that need help up, find those people that inspire you, because we all need people.